All of these Character Dolls are hand Sculpted One-of-a-Kind (OOAK).  Each one comes with their own story to tell .  They are sculpted by award winning artist Patricia Davis using polymer clay or paper clay. All clothes are Hand crafted as well.


"LADY IN YELLOW" is a 19" sitting One of a Kind (OOAK) Character doll sculpted using polymer clay. The inspiration behind this doll is the yellow bird and the embossed bird vase that the OOAK doll sits on. To further the yellow theme, Patricia hand crafted this layered patchwork of patterned yellow fabric complete with lace and flowers which compliment the dress. Just the right trimmed hat was used to add to the embellishment.   $350

'FLEDGLINGS' is a One of a Kind (OOAK) piece featuring multiple fairies and sculpted by artist Patricia Davis using polymer clay. The 12" mother of this piece is trying to control her cherubs who are anxious to fledge. She is both thrilled at their desire to want to venture out on their own but cautious about their doing so. Stategically using wire and tubing Patricia gives that WOW factor when you realize this whole piece is balanced on just one foot of the mother! All clothes are hand crafted, the piece comes apart for easy storage, and there are lights in the cotton clouds which adds more drama to the piece.   $995

"PENELOPE" is a One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) hand sculpted piece by Patricia Davis using polymer clay. She sits on a mushroom that was grown especially for her by her friends of the forest. She holds a glass angel that represents Love, Hope, and Tranquility and she wants to pass this on to someone who wants to cherish her for their own. She stands approx 8" tall and all clothes are hand crafted.  $175
Photo by Victoria Italiana Photography 

lady in Blue.jpg
Lady in Blue CU1.jpg
'LADY IN BLUE' is a One of a Kind (OOAK) Character doll sculpted using paper clay by artist Patricia Davis. This 19" OOAK doll sits on a blue and white vase and is holding a spray of white flowers while getting her picture painted. She took great pains picking out her hand crafted blue and white patchwork dress and overskirt adorned with beads and lace. She is proud of the hat she crafted using fabric and feathers to match her dress. Oh but she took a great deal of time with her hair so she could get it just right in the style so admired by her beloved husband. She is looking for a home who will appreciate her beauty. $350
Romantic dollw.jpg
Romantic dollCU.jpg

'"ROMANTIC GAL" is a One of a Kind (OOAK) Character Doll sculpted by artist Patricia Davis using paper clay. This stunning 19" OOAK doll sits on a gold spattered candle stick and dreams of her lover who has gone off to make his fortune. He promises to come back to her and she promises to write him everyday until he returns. Will her dream come true or she wonders if she is a hopeless romantic. Well for the near future she will keep true to her love...but only for a little while because after all she says, I do have many other admirers. She is dressed in her hand crafted brocade and lace dress adorned with pearls. This beautiful OOAK is in need of a good home. $350

Black Beauty ACU.jpg
Black Beauty with rabbit.jpg

'BLACK BEAUTY' is a One of a Kind (OOAK) Character doll sculpted by award winning artist Patricia Davis using paper clay. This extraordinary 19" doll wonders if she is too eccentric out walking her rabbit. "Well", she says to herself, "other people have pet pigs so who cares what people think! After all I am out walking in my fine hand crafted black dress and exquisite hat enjoying myself on a beautiful Sunday at the park." This exceptional unique OOAK piece is just waiting for a home. $350